Rand Paul

Video: Rand Paul in Guatemala

I admit it.  The end of this made me tear up. Also I think it was pretty fair coverage.

Rand Paul: A Modern Day Jack Kemp

Cross-posted at RedState. On Monday, Michael Gerson wrote a column in the Washington Post entitled “Rand Paul is no Jack Kemp.” Gerson drew comparisons between Paul and the late Kemp on the issue of minority ...

Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

With Rand Paul being the current front runner in the 2016 GOP Presidential race, while also being the face of the anti-establishment wing in politics, it is perfectly understandable for the media to try and ...

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Big Win for Liberty

This week, two Liberty Conservatives endorsed candidates won their respective primaries to become the Republican nominee for Congress. Gary Palmer (AL-6) and Mark Walker (NC-6) both had come-from-behind wins to secure their place on the ...

The Case for a Caucus

Help Build The House Liberty Caucus

Lone Dissenting Voices in Texas

Since the illegal immigration resolution passed unanimously in Liberty County, Texas, I offer the lone dissenting voice. First off, this is my personal opinion. It does not represent anyone else’s opinion in any group or ...

My Backyard: Upcoming Michigan Primaries

The Enemy of My Enemy

Carl DeMaio – Interview and Endorsement

Today, Liberty Conservatives founder Gavin interviewed Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego City councilman and a liberty-minded Republican candidate for US Congress in California. During the interview, Carl updated us on his campaign progress and ...

We shouldn’t give arms to people we can’t trust

For months now, foreign policy hawks have advocated for arming  “moderate” Syrian rebels and Ukrainian soldiers, being the underdogs that they are. (The CIA has been doing so covertly, but not on the scale that  ...

Cruzin for a Bruisin

Walter Jones Interview

President Obama is no “isolationist”

The Confessions of a Once Raging Liberal

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